‘VS’ is the first short film produced by Toytool Films. Same as we started Toytool Committe with a non-explicit scene (L’amour et la Violence, 2011), we are introducing this new project with a just erotic scene.

VS_ Teaser. from toytool films on Vimeo.


This work was directed and performed by María Blah, sharing frame with the gorgeous Anneke Necro, and shot by Lola Clavo in Barcelona, edited later in Valencia, Spain.

Music was made precisely for this short film. Synth Wave music can have the perfect narrative feeling for a soundtrack, specially for weird, sci-fi, low cost stories.

Story line is about two time-travelers from a distant planet banished to Planet Earth. They know each other for a long time, but they check every sign on their human-shaped body to recognize each other. They were friends once, but that was long ago, and now only one can get out of this planet and go back to their world.

It can be considered as an episode 0 of a serial that we could complete someday.

‘VS’ is going to have its premiere at Porn Film Festival Berlin 2017.

VS. Credits.

Directed by María Blah

Cast: Anneke Necro and María Blah

Camera/director of photography: Lola Clavo

Music: Ibiza Massacre

6 min