Plastic & Fur


Toytool has a special relationship with music because we love it and we are perfectly conscious about how much music means along with images. We had this whale song composed by A. Sorlí in The Rose Garden to create a dreamy atmosphere and make the space and action something unreal. Later in VS we design along with Ibiza Massacre a soundtrack that had to speak for the characters, as it has no dialog at all, and the result was some kind of video-clip with a story on it.

Plastic & Fur has the structure of a porn scene, with an introduction of the performers at the beginning and an explicit scene afterwards, submitted to the rhythm of the songs of a band that we adore, Jupiter Lion.

We were looking forward to work with Kay Garnellen, one of the most acclaimed performers of the independent scene.

It was first screened at Porn Film Festival Berlin 2018 and probably is coming soon to your city. Watch the trailer here:

PLASTIC FUR teaser from toytool films on Vimeo.